• We are creative designers because we love to design
  • we create awesome themes!
  • we are the most visionary marketier
  • we plan your events as if it is ours
  • you know why we do all this,
  • because we are crazy freaks

We are Chiliad Procons team... try us and we assure to deliver you above your expectations

about us

Contrary to popular belief about how design consultants and marketing agencies are nothing but just falls on expense sheet, Chiliad Procons is not simply Concept, Design and Marketing Company; we believe in creating assets with negligible costs. With masterminds working for 12 hours, 6 coffees and crazy brainstorming sessions, we deliver exceptionally out of league designs, concepts and marketing plans for every project done by us. Here it is , how we start....

Your Retina & Brain scan

This terminology helps our consultant grasp the images in your brain and to build on those by uniquely identifying the client's needs and wants.

Our Professional Conceptualization

This is a process of development and clarification of the depth of ideas, clinical thinking and diagnosis for scientific realization and treatment planning for the same.

Your Budgeting

This is the basic approach for allotting appropriate sums to different modules. We do this using professional mathematical model.

Our Execution

After engineering the desired designs and choosing a course of action, comes the time for execution. We make sure the designs get converted into structures perfectly.


We believe that the simplest forms of mental representations are the major building blocks of conscious thought.


We conceptualize mental representations and other abstract objects by bringing together the etymology from experience, high level creative abilities and transformations from the world of physics, maths and psychology.

  • There are many variations to an idea and we help you conceptualize those ideas.
  • The schemas have been defined such as to compare, reflect and segregate the abstraction of different mental images under various posteriori concept models.
  • Finibus Bonorum et Malorum (The Extremes of Good and Evil) by Cicero.
  • We also run you through a process to understand the Ideasthesia “sensing concepts” to try and recognize the phenomenal experience which is an inspiration for that thought.
Concept Artwork


We specialize in Master planning, Concept development, thematic design and story board. We can provide a variety of styles of sketches, renderings, computer illustration, 3D images and animation to illustrate your new projects. Our clients have used our illustration services to plan and pitch projects to gain interest and investment.

  • The aim is to create the finest of all designs and provide our clients with unique solutions.
  • While developing a master plan we acknowledge the need for engagement of stakeholders to create a long term planning document which subsequently evolves in a growth defined framework.
  • After the development, comes the engineering of structures which is carried out under a set of activities in the early stages of a project life cycle.
  • Our designers create multiple top end graphics which are in sync with required themes.
  • Development of interesting characters and story which moves along with the themes is carried out at high level expertise.


We provide our clients with marketing services to help achieve their projections and make sure it hits the mind of the desired TG by giving your brand a grand launch in the market. We plan marketing strategies, promotional stunts, and conduct events giving the brand a 360˚ exposure.

Living with the fact that marketing and promotion is about pushing sales, it is also about innovation, spreading awareness, creativity and the most unique ways to exhibit your brand.

  • To place your brand into people’s mind using the modern tools of marketing.
  • Our team researches up-to-the-minute trends in this Digital Age.
  • Ensuring to use all the sources of marketing for effective promotion.
  • To use variations of experiential marketing as well as experimental marketing.
  • We analyze the existing strategies and give it the right direction.

what our fun factors

days worked

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our portfolio

our creative team

We have a fantastic team of dedicated advertising and design professionals

Team Member

benny sam mathew

head-project architect

Having worked with Sanderson Australia, the vibrant Architect has an excellent experience with Theme Designing and Concept Development.

Team Member

ganpat vishwakarma

project architect

Being the Head of the Architects Team, he has a keen eye on design & details.

Team Member

manish naik

concept visualizer

Manish along with this graphics team plays a vital role in concreting the thoughts and visions of the designers and architects.

Team Member

durgesh chauhan

head - I.T.

Being a software developer and web developer, Durgesh plays a vital role in making sure that the AA is never short on technology.

our skills

Our consultants deliver independent, informed and innovative solutions based on a deep understanding of the physics, engineering, regulatory and commercial implications associated with these technologies.

Design 90%
Sketches 95%
Renderings 75%
Master planning 95%
Concept development 90%
Thematic design 80%

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Our clients


Prasuk Jain

Managing Director

A born entrepreneur, with over three decades of inherited diverse business expertise, lends creative & financial strength to the fast spreading business empire. His dynamic educational background & knowledge accumulated over multiple practical sessions, at renowned international parks across the globe, make him a unique reservoir in the entertainment fraternity. The young lad is here to make BIG in the industry, thereby accomplishing his dreams.


Ravi Dev

Head - Electro Mechanical

A mechanical engineer by profession and a ride designer by passion makes Ravi Dev an all rounded Robot. Ravi Dev says, "Go into engineering only if you really have a calling to be an engineer -- if you like to build things, if you get real satisfaction of seeing something built from your idea, or built by your own hands. If you are that kind of person, I think engineering is right for you."


Rajesh Prajapati

Head - Information Technology

System engineers carry out a variety of tasks so is Mr. Rajesh Prajapati, who has a computer mind with a combination of abilities, including system design and analysis as well as communication, mathematical and business skills. His professional work with data and project managers to understand systems and consult with customers to determine their needs is highly impressive. He implements new systems, correct software errors in existing systems and improve performance through hardware upgrades in fraction of seconds.

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